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For many victims of violence, securing justice can be an overwhelming, or even, impossible task. Some have lost faith in the justice system entirely due to missing evidence, countless postponements or dismissive and degrading treatment by those who are supposed to protect them. Tragically, in most cases, there is nowhere for victims to turn when the system fails them.

LvA’s legal team assists clients throughout the entire legal process, whether in securing a protection order or pursuing a criminal case. LvA ensures that our clients are aware of their legal rights and available legal remedies, provide comprehensive support throughout the process and push the justice system to work the way it should. 

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Our Approach

Protection Order Assistance

LvA’s legal team assist clients with applying for a protection order, explaining the submission process, preparing them for their final hearing and providing legal representation when needed. We also work with the local police to ensure that protection orders are more than a piece of paper and that they are properly enforced if violated.


Criminal Case Support

Research shows that only a small percentage of GBV criminal cases, including cases of rape, sexual assault, attempted murder and assault, end in a conviction. To ensure that clients see justice and perpetrators are held accountable, LvA supports clients throughout their criminal case including the initial police report, liaising with the investigating officer and prosecutor assigned to the case and supporting the client throughout the trial. For many criminal cases, this process can take several years.

Technical Support / Legal Advice

For individuals and organisations outside of Diepsloot, we advise on available legal remedies and answer questions about legal procedures for protection orders and criminal cases related to GBV.

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