Sharon’s Story

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Sharon is the mother of two little boys, aged five and ten years old. One evening, her ex-boyfriend followed her sons home and demanded to speak to their mother. Sharon asked him to leave but as she turned to go back inside, he hit her over the head with a brick and dragged her to his home, while threatening to kill her. Sharon’s 10-year-old, aware of this man’s violent behaviour, grabbed his little brother, locked the door, and ran to the police station to get help for his mother. When the police arrived, Sharon had been beaten so badly she could barely walk. The police escorted her home and the following day she opened a criminal case of assault against her ex-boyfriend.

A few days later, however, Sharon returned to the police station to withdraw the case. This was actually the fourth time Sharon opened an assault case against her ex-boyfriend, only to soon withdraw it. This is a common pattern with victims of domestic violence who are either economically dependent on their abusive partners or, due to the cycle of violence and psychological impacts of trauma, find it difficult to permanently leave the abusive relationship.

Fortunately, thanks to LvA’s strong relationship with the local police, an officer referred Sharon to LvA for assistance. LvA explained the process for obtaining a protection order to Sharon, and then helped her obtain a final protection order. With LvA’s support, Sharon also decided to re-open her criminal case of assault against her ex-boyfriend. LvA continued to follow up with the police to ensure that Sharon’s criminal case was appropriately investigated and taken to trial.

Sharon has since also begun ongoing therapy with LvA’s psychologist, a process that has helped her begin to heal and empower her to take active steps to regain control over her life. Since receiving a final protection order, Sharon’s ex-boyfriend has made no attempt to harm her or her children.